About: Beth Rowson

Hello and welcome to my blog site. I am a country girl having grown up in the fens (East Anglia, UK). I love travelling, my friends and family, but maybe, most of all, food (and wine).

I took myself off to the bright lights of London for university (well, almost). I fell in love with Royal Holloway as soon as I visited, and it was there that I discovered a passion for social, and particularly women’s history. I was one of those lucky students who thoroughly enjoyed her degree, from the research down to the essay writing. My dissertation became my pride and joy discussing whether a venereal disease hospital in Victorian London was a vessel for philanthropy or social control.

After graduating I became a special needs teaching assistant in Norfolk and learnt a lot about the challenges of education, special needs, and a lot about myself. Inevitably there were very high highs and very low lows, but I wouldn’t go back and change it, as I think it has made me a more empathetic, stronger person.

For now my boyfriend, Chris, and I have upped sticks and are travelling for a few months. We return to relocate to Devon for his job, and who knows what my future holds!